TIPS for sewing with OILCLOTH
Pins --- avoid pins with oilcloth! Clips or pegs will be easier.

Needles --- a leather or a jeans needle will be better on the machine

Stich length --- go wider; so if your machine is normally set somewhere around 2 or between 2-3, lengthen that to about 4

Machine foot --- to avoid friction and make for a smoother sew, it can be preferrable to use a teflon machine foot; if you find you're getting some friction from underneath (with your metal plate), then cover the metal plate with some sellotape, so the material will glide more effectively. Although lots of customers don't bother with the teflon foot, and use masking tape, baking paper or tissue paper on the material to help it glide - all these are removed easily once the sewing is complete.

Stitch type --- avoid fancy stitches, or back and forth stitches; best leave lots of thread, so your stitching doesn't unravel.

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